Morris Marksmen
Morris County 4-H


Morris Marksmen is a 4-H Shooting sports club that trains youth to become proficient competitors in a variety of disciplines. With near weekly meetings, we practice Archery, Air Rifle, Shotgun, and .22 LR, as well as teach our members life skills in a once a month business meeting, where we discuss club matters and give presentations. Our members compete in Junior and Senior state competitions in all disciplines, hosted by the NJ 4-H Shooting Sports committee. Morris Marksmen is one of 10+ 4-H Shooting sports across the NJ counties, often meeting together for co-op shoots.

Member during a Shotgun Shot


Over the past several years, Morris Marksmen has sent 5+ competitors to 4-H National shooting sports, and will continue to take pride in our competitive spirit. Additionally, each year our club takes part in a myriad of different competitions at varying age and competitiveness levels. 

Morris Marksmen Annual Pumpkin Shoot